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1st July 2011

Last week on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings Year 8 students performed ‘The Hunting of the Snark’ based on the poem by Lewis Carroll. Set during World War II, the young performers did a fantastic job of bringing to life this period of time. It was a great choice of play by the Performing Arts department which really allowed the talent of the boys to be showcased. When you consider that they had six weeks from start to finish to rehearse and put on the play it was a remarkable achievement and another considerable success. If you missed this play, there is one final opportunity this term to get to see a drama production – Year 9 will be performing ‘Neville’s Island’ on the 6th and 7th July. Tickets are available from Mrs Gaston.

The Design and Technology Department are celebrating the long awaited arrival of a brand new laser cutter. This high-tech piece of equipment will revolutionise the range of products that students are able to design and make within the subject. Pupils in all years will be able to design products using CAD software and witness them being manufactured to an industrial standard.  There are already plans to set up a Business and Enterprise club where pupils will be able to manufacture products to order for other pupils in the school.  Profits from this will be split between the Enterprise group and the Design and Technology Department.  We all look forward to seeing the end products!

I would like to give parents advance notice of a change to the uniform for next year. Boys must wear black shoes and boots and trainers will no longer be acceptable.

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