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Experiences from Year 7

During my first year at Sandbach School, I learnt new things, met new people and visited new places.

I found different clubs and groups to suit my interests and needs.  Sporting activities such as Rugby and Cross country, musical groups like the Wind and Junior Big Bands.  Here are some of my highlights from the past year.

In September, Year 7 went to the Conway Centre in Wales. There, we took part in various outdoor activities including kayaking and indoor ones such as batik printing.  I particularly liked the batik activity as the theme was dragons.  We learnt survival skills and it was an opportunity to meet other boys in my year and make new friends.

In January there was a science trip to the Think Tank in Birmingham. First of all we went into the main exhibition room and answered a series of questions about the exhibits.  Then, we took part in science experiments and activities.

In May some of us went to Liverpool Cathedral, the largest in England.  We learnt about different aspects of the Cathedral and participated in related activities which made it overall a very good day out.

In June I went to the Cheshire Show to support the Big Band who performed some of their best pieces.  Then the next week I went  on the Modern Foreign Language study trip to Germany.  We set off by coach from school at midnight and arrived around lunchtime the next day.  We stayed in the Hotel Baccara in Aachen, on the border between Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands. Over the two days we were there, we explored Aachen and Cologne and had the chance to practise speaking some of the German we had learnt in class.  One of my favourite parts of the trip was visiting a chocolate factory in Cologne, where we were taken on a guided tour and tasted free samples.

In July the last place I went this year was to the National Festival of Music for Youth at the  Birmingham Conservatoire, in which the School Big Band  was taking part in the National Jazz Festival.  There, I got the chance with other members of the Junior Big Band to explore the centre of Birmingham, listen to the Band and many others play some great music.

At school I have performed in two of the Music Department concerts,  and enjoyed the opportunity of playing solos.

Day-to-day lessons in School have been  really good and my high point was creating an animation in I.T. which turned out really well.

Apart from Rugby and Cross country I took part in Sports Day, competing in the 1500 and 800 metres races for my House.

There are many clubs to choose from, and I have been involved in photography.

Towards the end of term my form took part in a triathalon where we were sponsored to raise money for charity.

All in all, a very good year and I have high hopes for September.

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