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The 2011 Comedy Prom

 The Comedy Prom


On Friday 30th September, the school hosted the 2011 Comedy Prom.  There was a good atmosphere, as the theatre space was laid out with small tables facing the stage, with a good crowd of people, young and old.  There were three acts, with two intervals of fifteen minutes in between. Each  few performances were introduced by different pairs of boys, who provided some comedy moments themselves.  Possibly some of the funniest acts included the Mad Monks, who surprised us by playing party games and  remained anonymous until they unveiled themselves as pop divas. Other acts included Technological Fruit, a comic take on how the computer industry has stolen food-related names for their products.  There was also the Masochism Tango, a very comic love song, Prejudice, another comedy-based song and an extremely funny and agile dance performance of “Single Ladies”.  The comedy acts were punctuated by some great music: the peregrine falcon song took everyone by surprise by its brevity and left people roaring with laughter.  The same performer also sang a song that was supposedly in French?!?!?! Overall, a hilarious evening that seemed to be enjoyed by everyone.


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