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Junior Apprentice Day – 18th November 2011

On Friday 18th November 2011, the Year 8 forms were assigned, in groups of two to four, to create their own brand of bottled water. This included coming up with a presentation, with a billboard design and TV advert. This was all part of the PHSCE day. 

My group company name was Smando and our product name was called “Hydration is the Key.”

I made a video for the TV advert using pictures from Google Images and information collected from my team mates and me. Our product would be available in flavoured water, with 5% of this profit going to the Rainbow Trust, or plain water, with 5% of this profit going to the Paralympics. It would be the official bottled water of the London 2012 Olympic games and it would be sold in many major cities around the world.

Each group pitched their ideas to the rest of the form, the best one from each form performed their presentation in front of the rest of Year 8. 

It was great news when the judge declared that Smando, with “Hydration is the Key” were the overall Year 8 winners.

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