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Yorkshire Dales Gifted and Talented Residential Day 3: Leeds Armouries

This morning we are at the Royal Armouries. We have booklets to help us explore the museum, and to learn more about the different battles that took place. In the booklets there are questions that we have to answer. The first exhibit mentioned was all about the first world war. There are lots of weapons, pictures and armour on display for us to see. We had a go on shooting with a crossbow, and we learned how hard it actually is to fire them.

Well done to Dec Hodson (top photo) who achieved the highest score of 525 points in the Crossbow Challenge!

Filip Labecki, Peter Stilwell and Ethan Wynne.

And finally…
After a great weekend on the Yorkshire Dales Gifted and Talented trip we have arrived back safe and sound, ready for school tomorrow. A big thank you to Mr Bootherstone, Mr Begg and Mr Lacey.

Signing out Tom Evans and Alex Murray.








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