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Year 11

Year 11, the last year of GCSEs and its no walk in the park.  Exams and controlled assessements are left, right and centre.

From the subjects I have taken there are a whole lot of exams at the moment, but lessons are going well and I think I speak for every year 11 when I say that breaktimes, lunch and study leave are all well deserved rests and to have a nice chat with friends or waste some energy playing football.

The teachers are doing there best to help us get through our GCSEs with a decent grade to all of our names and they are really approachable, but letting us listen to music in lessons wouldn’t be too far to ask?   The majority of us are trying to do our best in lessons to earn a decent future for ourselves.  But overall, year 11 isnt as bad as everyone makes it out to be, with all the tests and exams and essays, when you put the effort in you know it will pay off, just like the school moto-Ut severis seges.

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