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Music and Theatre New Zealand Tour 2012 (2)

Whilst the geographers gather at Manchester Airport heading off for New Zealand, the musicians and drama students have a few more days of preparation before their departure on Wednesday. Here are some thoughts and feelings from Harry and Sophie on whats to come.

NAME: Sophie Louise Rhiannon Phillips
AGE: 18
LIKES: Chocolate philadelphia
DISLIKES: Early mornings
FAV FILM: Hot Fuzz
BIO: Prince Of Denmark- Ensemble, Plays Bea in ‘The Exam’
NYDS: Screen acting, Circus skills, Radio drama

(I think Sophie also likes Percy Pig).

Sophie Phillips

After the whirlwind of the last few weeks of final rehearsals and performances, NYDS feels tangibly close. It is particularly exciting for me, on my first visit to the drama school, to be taking two pieces of drama – both of which I get a great thrill from performing. ‘Prince of Denmark’ has become a really successful piece, which I know as a group we are so proud of and the opportunity to show this across the other side of the world is a great one. Equally, ‘The Exam’ causes much amusement for the audiences and cast members alike and it will be fantastic to perform it once again. So finally, after all the months of preparation from the school, the journey is nearly upon us and everything seems to have fallen into place.

In the drama school itself I have opted to take courses that I feel I would be unable to do in the UK, these being: screen acting and tasters including circus skills. I hope these will not only develop the techniques I have acquired over the years but also teach me new skills that I can take forward with me to university and then into later life. I love drama and this trip fills me with not only excitement, but the knowledge that I will have become all the more developed an actor because of it.

AGE: 14
LIKES: Rihanna,junk food and loud music.
DISLIKES: Courgettes and aubergines.
FAV FILM: The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring.
BIO: I am a member of the ensemble in The Prince of Denmark and I play Mrs B in The Exam.
NYDS: Improvisation, Comedy for Theatre, The Acting Voice

Harry Swinnerton

Hi! I’m Harry and I will be going on the trip along with everyone else in a few days’ time. I was also involved in the two performances at the school of The Prince of Denmark and The Exam. I really enjoyed The Prince of Denmark because it was completely different to any play that I had been in before. Even though I wasn’t brilliant at it, I also enjoyed the fighting workshops that we all took part in, thanks to Lee Morris who helped us with the choreography along the way. In The Exam, a hilarious comedy, I played ‘Mrs B’, a very proud mother of her young daughter ‘Bea’. It was just a fantastic play to be part of to be plain honest! I really look forward to performing it again this Easter in New Zealand. I’m also really looking forward to the Night Safari in Singapore because it looks brilliant! It will definitely be a trip of a lifetime.

A an old Sandbachian this week sent this message of support. He toured New Zealand with the school theatre company in 2005;

‘Have an amazing trip everyone. It was life changing for me and I am sure it will be for you all! Enjoy every second of it! :) ‘ Callum O’Toole

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