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New Zealand Geography Expedition – Mount Cook

After a standard takeaway pizza and a good nights kip in Methven, we travelled to Mount Cook.
Along the way, we encountered a backdrop of rolling hills and mountains, worthy of a Hollywood movie. After 28 hours of flying, the 4 hour drive to Mount Cook appeared tedious, however, the stunning, picturesque landscape sweetened the mood.

During the journey, we stopped at Lake Tekapo(a proglacial lake) where Mr Sykes was in his element with his camera and tripod, whilst many others engaged in a stone-skimming competition.

Just when we thought the scenery couldn’t get any better, we arrived at Lake Pukaki, and the Mount Cook viewing point, where we got our first glimpse of Mount Cook/Aoraki (the highest mountain in Oceania at 3754m tall). Here, only 24 hours into the trip, camera memory was running low for many.

Upon arrival at the Youth Hostel, the race for the best beds began. But soon after, we set off on a strenuous 3 hour trek to the snout of Hooker Glacier and Hooker Lake. Along the way, we encountered gale force winds and torrential rain, along with boulders the size of houses and swaying bridges, but the view of the glacier and the summit of Mt Cook made it all worth while.

In the evening, our first attempt at cooking proved to be a success, as we all managed to eat well, without catching food poisoning! (having said that, it was pasta).

Next stop: Queenstown!

Oliver and Jake








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