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Music and Theatre New Zealand 2012

Tom Stakes- 16th Birthday- Abel Tasmin Park

After an extremely early get up, and about 20 consecutive alarms in our room to ensure nobody missed the bus, the group departed to Abel Tasmen National Park.
We arrived by water Taxi, giving incredible views around the park’s coastline, the local seal population and the ‘split apple rock’.
Despite this, the highlight of the ride was almost definitely seeing the back half of the boat get soaked during the ‘mad mile’ whilst Chris and I stayed dry behind the drivers windshield.
From the beach where we docked we embarked upon a 5 mile trek the jungles of the National Par. It would be fair to say that the views were simply breathtaking. After an uphill struggle to reach the halfway point of our journey we reached the ‘Indiana Jones’ style rope bridge. Sam Pearson easily skipped across the bridge and began flaunting his flawlessness by shaking it whiel the others were crossing, unfortunately for Sam he chose the wrong person to shake as Joe Watts swiftly strode across and put a stop to it.
Soon the jungle fell away to reveal vast glorious sunshine. sea and white beaches. We spent time relaxing, sunbathing and swimming and after lunch moved off to out final pick up point.
With half an hour to waste it was decided that a wrestling match would be the best productive use of our time. After many eventful bouts, John the ‘Babs’ Barner finally matched Nathan ‘the Beast’ Leigh in a close battle 2 points to one.

After returning to the Youth Hostel and removing the sand from our toes we were treated by the staff to a BBQ tea. I was very surprised as the bunting, food and cakes created a party like atmosphere all to celebrate my 16th birthday. Thank you all for this lovely evening.

After we had filled our faces with cake and ice cream we headed to the Theatre Royal for our evening entertainment- Nelson Youth Theatres production of The Sound Of Music.

An entertaining production with some great voices from the lead roles.

The whole day had been exhausting but for my self a birthday to remember!

Lucas Bailey-

Big Band performance at WAIMEA School.
The Exam Performance at Theatre Riyal, Nelson.

We woke bleary eyed and desperate for more sleep. We were over a week into the holiday and the exhaustion was kicking in. But today was no time fir rest. On the contrary, today for many was going to be the hardest day so far.
Breakfast consisted of potato, sausages if you were lucky, and an hour of revision. It had been given out the day before that three hours of revision had to be completed through out the day.

Revision was quickly replaced by excitement and some heavy lifting as the Big Band moved their equipment over to WAIMEA College for a performance. We experienced a tour of the school’s impressive facilities before performing in front of over 600 student, all of whom were waiting to be entertained on their last day of school.
We received an incredible reception, especially from the female half of the room, who became rather taken with a select few in the band. Compliments on voices and bottoms were flying free. Needless to say, egos shall be intact for years to come!
There was no time to rest however, a few more hours revision followed by rehearsals for The Exam performance………. Getting used to a new space is always daunting, especially in only two hours. Luckily the theatre staff were friendly and helpful making us feel right at home.
The show was getting closer and closer and now only half an hour excerpt of Nelson Youth Theatres ‘Grease’. Suitably stunned by the energy an talent on stage we took our positions in the wings.
The piece was unreal. It really did feel like we could say anything and the audience would laugh. The play was delivered to high standard with many great compliments a from the audience. We also received a standing ovation from part of the host theatre company.
We then headed off to bed in high spirits, ready to venture to the Island for a one night stay in Wellington the following day.

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