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New Zealand Geography Expedition – Wellington

Another early start in Nelson awaking at 5:30am ahead of a long drive to Picton ferry port. Fuelled by breakfast, we eventually departed at 6:30 ahead of our 10 am ferry crossing to Wellington. The journey to the ferry port was some what a windy one through mountain valleys and narrow roads. As we eventually arrived at Picton ferry port people were feeling worst for wear as the windy roads had taken their toll especially on Coley. As soon as we boarded the ferry each and every person found a comfortable seat either on a sofa or an armchair and a lot of tired faces began to relax. It was a 3 hour journey to the North Island and some people decided to catch up on lost sleep after the early start had taken effect.

After a long ferry journey from the South Island we eventually had Wellington in sight. Large buildings, scenic views and a luxurious port dominated the landscape. We eventually made our way off the ferry at around 1pm and drove into Wellington in search of our youth hostel. After eventually finding the youth hostel (which took some time) we dropped our bags off and headed to Te Papa museum to look at plate tectonics. The museum was full of interesting exhibits and diagrams to help explain and demonstrate fully how tectonic plates work, furthermore it was relevant as New Zealand lies upon the Indo-Australian and Pacific plates. Once we completed the museum tour, small groups of people went out into the city to explore and find possible locations to eat later that night. Once all back at the hostel and after several pool tournaments we went out for dinner in different groups, however wary of another early start in the morning ahead of a long drive to Napier.

Awoken with a view of the port we headed down for an 8am departure, however all was not well as we were informed that jester was missing (please #prayforjester). After the gruelling 4 hour journey we were greeted by an overcast Napier. Upon arrival a quick turn around was implemented as we travelled a short 30 minute journey to Te Mata Peak which had some amazing scenic views overlooking the Pacific ocean as well as Napier. We then had another short journey to Ocean Beach where there was a choice between football, cricket or braving the sea (at least 5 people stripped down and headed into the wild Pacific ocean!)

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