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Lord Hill Opens the Sixth Form Centre

It was a very busy and wet day at school on Friday but that didn’t dampen the reception that we were able to give to Lord Hill (MP) and Fiona Bruce (MP) when they came to the school. Despite the dreadful weather we were able to give our guests a real flavour of the school and as always the students that they met were fantastic advocates for us. After officially opening the new Sixth Form Centre Lord Hill spoke very highly about the drama and musical performances that he’d seen and the Sixth Form lessons that he’d spent a little time in. It was a tremendous privilege to have them both with us and I hope that they will fondly remember the occasion.

You may remember that earlier this term I said that we would look again at our arrangements for parents’ evenings/mentoring. Following consultation with parents and staff we will trial a different arrangement next year whereby years 10 & 11 will have a more traditional parents evening and year 7, 8 & 9 will continue with the present arrangements. I realise that this will please some parents but not others so we will review the system again during the year and ask for feedback from parents after their mentoring or parent evening event. Thank you for your support with this as we try to find the best way to support our pupils.


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