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French Alps Geography Fieldtrip Day 2

This is about the past two days we have had here in the French Alps.

Arriving in Geneva Airport (with a ridiculous amount of watch adverts everywhere) we hit the heavy heat of the Swiss/France border. Coming as a bit of a shock to most of the lads dressed for the English summer, we jumped on the bus onto the twisting roads of the Alps. Getting back to the hotel and dumping all of our stuff in our rooms, we all played football in the evening heat (with a tennis ball due to Harry not wanting to put money towards a proper ball at the airport – not trying to shift the blame or anything) with everybody getting to sleep really early (we’re telling the truth honestly!).

Waking up rather reluctantly at 8am for breakfast, we were disappointed by the lack of bacon. We then jumped on the bus to Gorges du Fier which, in Mr. Boothestone’s time took about 20 minutes and ended up at about 2 hours on the coach – great time judgement! The gorge offered lots of great views and even greater geographical lecturing by the teachers which was thrilling ;). In the afternoon we hopped on the coach for a ten minute ride to Annecy to study the tourist attractions, we then went on to play a good classic game of football with a rather excited Mr. Lowe. We left Annecy and its sky blue glacial lake for a pit stop at the local supermarket for a proper football and some snacks.

Following evening research we are now looking forward to a five a side football tournament with our new ball and hopefully a good night’s sleep! All well an having a great time, bring on Mont Blanc tomorrow!

Owen MacCuish and Joe Reskelly

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