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French Alps Geography Fieldtrip Day 3

We woke up about 7am and we all went downstairs for breakfast, where we ate some croissants and baguettes and got on the bus ready for our trip to Chamonix. We left the hotel about 9am and travelled on the motorway for about 1 and 1/2 hours, while being treated to stunning views of the surrounding mountains and eventually Mont Blanc itself. Upon arrival we waited outside the train station while Mr. Bootherstone got the tickets for the journey up to Mer de GlacĂ© (Sea of ice). The journey itself took about 20 minutes. When we got to the station there was a small cable car which took us down from the cafe to the glacier itself. We stopped for a while to put on some more suncream and then we walked down the stairs on the side of the valley to the glacier. At the glacier, we entered the amazing ice caves (while water dripped down on us by the ice above us) and we had the opportunity to touch the glacier and see what it was like inside a gargantuan mass of ice. As we exited the caves I picked up a piece of glacial ice and Mr. Bootherstone explained about how trapped air from thousands of years ago was inside the piece of ice. With a last glance at the “easy way down” we were quite enthusiastic (not) about trekking down from the glacier back to Chamonix. The whole journey took about 3 hours of foot ache (although we were motivated by the promise of a McDonalds at the bottom) after around 40 minutes of free time in Chamonix we got on the bus and headed back to the hotel. A thoroughly enjoyable day was had by all!

Michael Gallagher and Harry Harrison







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