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Year 7 trip to Aachen – Day One


After a long journey that started from the School at midnight we finally arrived in Aachen some 14 hours later. The boys have been brilliant. Most slept on the coach… with a few exceptions who are looking a bit panda like now. We’ve just had dinner at the local Italian Restaurant and now the boys are tiring themselves (or being tired out !) playing footy before retiring to bed and a long awaited kip. Aachen itself is a lovely little town with an impressive Cathedral and some beautiful statues and fountains decorating the streets. The fashionable accessory seems to be a mini football and a lot of the lads have spent some of their valuable Euros thus. We’ve managed not to lose anyone so far which is a relief and all seem happy and eager to get to Cologne and the chocolate factory tomorrow. Our coach driver, Andy, will be picking us up about 9 so we have to be up and breakfasting by 7.15. Oh joy!



This is Morgan Johnson writing now.

At midnight mums and dads constantly nagging about safety and money and how NOT to spend it. Kissing and hugging. Finally we left school and we drove for 2 hours then stopped at Watford Gap services where most of us purchased cookies at 2am
Teachers moaning about energy drinks and sleep then back in the coach and finally after 4 hours we reached Dover were we could have caught an earlier ferry however they cancelled it so we had to wait.
1hour to get on the ferry so me Connor and Tom played some black jack and pontoon.
And finally we boarded the boat to Calais .

Connor Newport – As we loaded on in the coach the bow doors clamped shut behind us. We completed parts of our German booklet, got out of the coach up the green stairs to the empty corridor with a few arcade machines and chairs and tables. We got a long safety speech BORING! We went to the food bay (what a great name NOT) we had a child breakfast which had contained sausage,bacon,cooked tomatoes UGH!,fried egg and that – but no child. Well you can’t have everything! We played black jack and pontoon until a funny mickie mouse advert started playing. On the bus another 3 dull hours to Aachen stopping half way for pizza.

Thomas Purton – At Aachen we settled into out rooms. We went to the cathedral and were told the legend of the Aachen wolf. We ordered an ice cream and because we ordered in German Miss payed for them. We had enough free time to get some souvenirs. Then we went back and got ready to go for dinner. We ate cheese and tomato pasta YUCK! We got to the hotel and then went for a kick about and now we are writing our blog for the day.


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