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Every Lesson Counts

Year 7 students have settled down very quickly into their new routines and already we are delighted with the way in which they are conducting themselves both inside and outside of the classroom.
It’s been a pleasure this term not only to welcome new students to almost all year groups but a number of new staff. They, too, have already had a very positive impact upon life at Sandbach School.

This year our focus for all boys is ‘every lesson counts’. Each lesson students are given a score from 1 to 4 on their achievement with the expectation that all students are at least a 2 every lesson. Those receiving 3s and 4s will find their learning monitored much more closely for a period of time until they are performing to expectation. We would ask for your support in encouraging your son not only to achieve his very best lesson by lesson, but also to ensure that his attendance at school remains very high.  High attendance and high achievement go hand-in-hand and we are stressing very clearly with students the need for both.

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