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Boys take part in ‘Write Path’

The Write Path is an international writing activity with schools from Australia to Canada taking part.  Each day 6 published authors write the first paragraph of a story  for schools all over the world to continue and complete.  The schools that are taking part that day have 1 hour to put a continuation on each of the stories.

Today at 1pm it was the turn of Sandbach School and we had a fantastic turnout, with eleven boys volunteering to take part.  After reading the first paragraphs and the continuations from other schools the boys were all fired up  and the words seemed to flow easily.  The writing that was produced was full of imagination with everything from ghosts to fairy dust covered.

We had a small crisis as the internet crashed towards the end of our time slot, however we posted our continuations with seconds to spare.

What’s even more exciting is that all of the writing that was produced this afternoon will be published in a Write Path book very soon!

Well done to all of you that took part and don’t forget to check the website for what happened next in your stories.



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