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Archive for: March, 2013

The Producers

The Theatre Space has been transformed by the set of ‘The Producers’ and is a hive of activity. To put on a show of this magnitude is no mean undertaking and the hours of planning and rehearsing that go into putting on such a show are quite phenomenal. I’m very much looking forward to seeing […]

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Reminiscences from an old pupil

I found myself browsing the web and fell upon the Sandbach School website. It is surprising how quickly time passes and I realised that there are only three members of your teaching staff who were there when I was at Sandbach (Messers Bartley, Lonsdale and Storey). I thought you might be interested to hear what […]

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Breakfast With the Head

This morning it was a real pleasure to have breakfast with our academic ‘high fliers’ in Year 11. Having received more examination results yesterday, discussion was focussed upon their progress towards GCSEs. With the Easter break not far away Year 11 students need to be looking at their revision strategies and setting up a revision […]

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