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The Producers

The Theatre Space has been transformed by the set of ‘The Producers’ and is a hive of activity. To put on a show of this magnitude is no mean undertaking and the hours of planning and rehearsing that go into putting on such a show are quite phenomenal. I’m very much looking forward to seeing the finished product on Saturday evening and I’m sure that, as always, it will be a spectacular show that attains a standard far higher than that of a ‘school production.’
It doesn’t seem possible that we are almost at another holiday time but this half term has been incredibly brief. For Year 11 students it should be a ‘working holiday’ with revision high on their list of activities. To that end there will be classes for some students the second week of the Easter holiday and the LRC will be open for revision purposes from 10am – 1pm each day. More details to follow for Year 11 students next week.
I wish you all a very happy Easter break.

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