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Curtis Jobling Visits Sandbach School

On Monday 20th May, fresh from a tour of America and a visit to Moscow, the fantastic author, illustrator and animator Curtis Jobling visited Sandbach School. After previously meeting Curtis at the Cheshire Schools’ Book Awards in 2012, we knew we were in for treat!

Curtis is most famous for his work designing the characters in ‘Bob the Builder’, however he is also the creator of the children’s book and TV series, ‘Raa Raa the Noisy Lion’ and the hilarious animation, ‘Curious Cow’. Most recently and the main reason for his visit, Curtis has written the amazing fantasy horror series ‘Wereworld’.

LRC staff, along with the pupil librarians and Biscuit Club spent weeks preparing for Curtis’ visit and spreading the word and Mrs Marshall certainly made Curtis the talk of the town with her own take on WereBob.

The day itself started with an hour long assembly with Year 7, where Curtis mesmerised the whole room with his illustrations of ‘WereBob’, which made for a great link in to the ‘Wereworld’ series. Curtis inspired many of the boys to read his books and spent the whole of break time autographing and doodling books from the Wereworld series.

After break Curtis led two illustration and creative writing workshops with years 7 & 8 followed by years 9 & 10. Boys were first set to task drawing caricatures of each other and themselves, which certainly produced some interesting results! Curtis then asked the boys to produce two different short stories. The first story was called ‘The Box’ and having been given the introduction boys had to then describe the thumping box that was before them and their emotions. As boys described opening their boxes we had all sorts of weird and wonderful creatures, including an evil man eating hamster! This was followed by a spooky task entitled the ‘Awakening’, where boys produced lots of spooky stories on Vampires, Werewolves, Zombies and Ghosts!

It was a fantastic day for the boys and staff of Sandbach School and its LRC and we can’t thank Curtis enough for his efforts and enthusiasm.

Go to to check out a video of the day.

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