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Geography Bay of Naples Day 1

After an early wake up, we met at school at 3am where we travelled in a coach to Liverpool airport. We arrived at about 5am but we had to delay putting our bags through check in because Miss McGrath was late arriving, although she was the closest to the airport. We had no problems getting through security. When we were through security we had about 40 minutes free time, which some of us used to get breakfast,including subway! When we boarded the plane there was some confusion because people weren’t sat in there allocated seat. When we landed we had to wait a few minutes until we could leave the plane but then waiting for the bags took forever! We were of to Sorrento.( written by Sonny )

When we arrived at Sorrento we dropped our bags off at the Costa Alta which they said it was a four star hotel which we beg to differ, we thought they put the last 3 stars on there themselves! We made that comment because of the lack of space in rooms and charging five euros a day for air con. As we arrived at in the heart of Sorrento it looked a peaceful place for the time being as we had arrived. The first thing on our agenda was to go and get food because it was so long since we had eaten. We bought a very refreshing chocolate ice cream which was amazing. (Bailey)

After learning about the geography of Sorrento we came back to the hotel for a refreshing paddle in the pool. We had our evening meal then a did presentation on the evidence of tourism, impact of tourism and future of tourism. After the presentation was over, we were given some time to chill because we were all exhausted from an early start and went to bed early. (Alex)








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