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Geography blog Bay of Naples Day 2

During the night other people staying on site were very noisy and kept us awake till late but eventually we got some sleep. At 7.50 we were woken by Mr Bootherstone knocking on our windows because we’d all gone back to sleep after our alarms had gone off. We just made breakfast in time at 8.
At 9 o’clock we got on the coach and travelled to the Favian Amphitheatre, the third largest in Italy. The weather was red hot all morning but we were mostly shaded as most of it is underground. (Mitch)

At 1 o’clock we had lunch at Solfatara. Our packed lunch wasn’t great. The ham tasted like liver sausage and the cheese was a bit rubbery but the bread rolls were nice. We split into groups and walked round the hot desert like landscape looking at the steam vents and bubbling mud pools. The whole place stank of sulphur, an eggy smell! Due to the crater we were stood in reflecting the sun and the heat of the ground it was definitely the hottest we’ve been so far. Overall the trip was very enjoyable and interesting as this was a fairly new topic for us. Later we bought ice creams with the money we’d raised from the sponsored run back at School. Then we finally made our way back to the coach and drove home. (Jake)

When we arrived back at the hotel we had a big chunk of free time to do what we wanted so a few went swimming and others sat around the pool chilling. Once the free time was up the groups met to be briefed on the evening task which involved planning a script for a fifteen second video presentation about the pros and cons of living near an active volcano. (Jonny)








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