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Geography blog Bay of Naples Day 4

Everybody was extremely excited as the 49 students, 4 geography specialists and a amazing photographer woke up at around 7h 30mins. After breakfast, people picked their very unpopular mortadella and provola panini’s and jumped on the coach to mount/volcano Vesuvius. 3 hours seemed substancial as we walked 200m up towards the crater, we took a short break as the staff and the “translator” got free granita’s and also the students had a look and purchase different napoletan souvenirs. We met Lello and Luigi who later on took us around the crater of the Vesuvius and told us various information about the only active volcano in Italy and Europe and volcanoes in general. Although it was an amazing experience, there were a couple of light showers and injuries which didn’t make the visiting as pleasurable as it could of been, then at 1h 30mins, we set of to Herculaneum. (Jason)

When we arrived at Herculaneum the weather had completely changed. Everybody got their sun cream out then set off and explored the ancient village, which was still perfectly preserved due to pyroclastic flows trapping area under mud. After that, many of the students decided it was time for an ice cream to help them cool off from the warm weather. This helped make the experience ever better. Most of the area was very fascinating as it help show us how our ancient ancestors use to live. Then we went to the souvenir shop and each bought gifts for friends and family, such as books, magazines, jewellery and post cards. After an exhausting day, we looked around the remaining shops and bought them last-minute souvenirs before heading off back to Costa Alta for a dip in the pool. (Elliott and Paul)

Throughout the trip the range of activities has kept us extremely busy and combined with the relentless heat, the whole group of students always looked forward to getting back to their rooms and chilling out, but unfortunately there is no rest for the wicked and we would do activities every night that included bowling. For most of the group the downtime was the best part but there was lots of banter amongst the group and made all the time we were together enjoyable. Climbing Mt Vesuvius was a challenge and the whole group pulled together to get to the top and was the highlight of the trip with stunning views and the Great British weather joining us up there. Overall the trip has been great and we have learned a lot about geography and Italian life. Thanks must go to the staff for there dedication to helping organise the “tour” and their impeccable behaviour during the French invasion. (Joe G , George B)

























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