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Great Exam Results

At A Level Sandbach School is celebrating another very successful year with a 99.2% pass rate and a record points score per student at A level. At the top end the highest numbers of A/A* papers were recorded at just under 30%, as well as the best ever A*-C grades of 77.8%.
Head Teacher Sarah Burns said she was absolutely delighted with them. “These fantastic results are a reflection of the strength of the teamwork between the students and the teachers and the drive to secure outstanding levels of achievement.”
Individual successes include Silas Elliott (pictured top left) who gained 2 A* and 2As to take up his place at St John’s College, Oxford; Head Boy Jonathon Davies (pictured right)who gained 1A* and 2As is taking a gap year to work at our link school in Hong Kong and then will read Law at Reading, Lewis Carter who gained 2A*s and 1A to read Economics at Warwick and Calum Elder who gained 1A* and 2As to read Mathematics at Bath. Other students achieving all top grades were Sean Lee, Oliver Leese, Chris Fowler, Nick Gollins, and Martin McLaughlin.
Outstanding results were gained in Drama, Business & Economics and Politics where over 50% gained A/A* grades; in Art Graphics, Product Design, English Literature, Geography, History, IT, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Maths and Sport Studies where at least 50% gained A*-B grades.
In congratulating students and wishing them well for their future careers, Mrs Burns added that is a wonderful culmination of seven years of hard work and determination.
At GCSE, after a challenging year Sandbach School is celebrating a very strong set of GCSE results which show an overall 14% increase from last year. In Maths 84% gained a grade C or above, in Science almost 80% gained at least one grade C or above and in English it was 69%. Overall 80% gained 5A*-C passes which equals the best ever for the school.
Head Teacher Sarah Burns said that it had been a difficult year but students and teachers had worked very hard to produce some terrific results. All GCSE subjects, except one, had seen at least 75% of their students gain a grade C or above and this coupled with 100% pass rate for all BTECs combined to give an exceptionally consistent performance across the school.
The vast majority of our students achieved their target grades and will be well placed to continue with their chosen path. At the top end students have achieved particularly well with almost a quarter of all grades being A/A*. Amongst our top performing students are: Joe Carter 6A*, 3A; George Farren 6A*, 4A; Jacob Leech 2A*, 7A; Ethan Lucas 1A*, 8A; Owen MacCuish 6A*, 4A; Harry Mace 3A*, 6A; James McDowell 3A*, 7A; Ceri Nickson 4A*, 5A; Chris Parker 3A*, 6A; Michael Parker 6A*, 3A; Will Poole 6A*, 4A; Calum Sinclair 5A*, 5A; Alex Stringer 3A*, 6A; Harry Swinnerton 8A*, 2A; Klaudio Vazan 4A*, 5A.
‘Our congratulations

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