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Day 1 – Airport

After an interesting (and shaky) coach journey, we are now waiting in the lounge area about to board. The rain is pounding down outside so we can only hope that we are going to arrive to nicer weather. No one’s got lost so far (*cough cough* Callum *cough cough*) so all is good; everyone’s just very excited!

We had an eventful time at customs as Michael Saxon tried to smuggle his lunch (which was wrapped in aluminium foil) through, along with a bottle of water – which he assumed would be fine because he had clearly labeled it “water”. Also Alex Jones caused quite a stir as he had to go through 3 different security procedures before being let through. The only conclusion I can draw from this is that his skeleton is made of metal because he was still setting off the sensors even after his thorough frisking by a burly gentleman.

Goodbye England!!


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