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Day 2 – Hitting Hong Kong

At 3:20 pm today (local time) we arrived in Hong Kong International Airport after a long and tiring journey. Luckily, no problems met us on the flights, so we landed in fairly good moods (despite our fatigue). Sadly, this lucky streak was to be broken multiple times before the day was over. The first disaster was a disappearing act, performed by Callum’s passport. Fortunately, it was found and returned, much to Callum’s delight.

A quick bus ride took us around Hong Kong to our hostel in Fortress Hill, where we were met by accommodation much smaller than we had imagined.

Luckily, this is just for us to sleep in, so we don’t need much more room..

After getting quick showers, we traipsed up to a ferry which took us to Kowloon, where we saw an amazing light show over the harbour. Another golden moment was had by Callum (not really his day) when he forgot the HK version of an Oyster card, so Mr Stancombe had to pay for his fares. Then came the attraction of the day – food. Chilli pork, noodles, some wires octopus stuff, green chicken and many other odd things were consumed by most, whilst the others decided to go to McDonalds – wimps. So now our first night in Hong Kong; hopefully the city won’t be too loud!

Written by
Harry Mace

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