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Blog One – The Airport

What an early start!

Waking up at three in the the morning is not fun, the only thing that kept us going was the fact that in a few hours we would arrive in Italy.

As one of three year nines I was honoured to be taken to Italy with Year 10s, 11s and Sixth Formers. So once we got on the bus we set off for Manchester airport where are flight would hopefully take off at 7:20 am. We arrived at Manchester airport at about ten past five. When we went through customs a couple of people got searched, one being Mr Sanders.

Once we got through we found some seats for us to use as a meeting place. So we still had plenty of time to spare when we all went separate ways to find some breakfast, the most popular choice being Burger King! When it was time we all went back to the meeting place and got on the plane ready to go to Italy!

Onwards to Italy – pasta and pizza.

Joe Harrington

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