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Day 4 – Rumble In The Jungle

An even earlier start was had by all yesterday, which was a bit of a shock to the system, but we were quick to recover with a Chinese/American breakfast (noodles with ham, maple syrup chicken etc.). Then we caught a ferry to the island of Lantau, which is half jungle – half housing for the richer workers of Hong Kong. We started our trip with a speedy rehearsal for Prince Of Denmark on the beach front, which was a very sandy experience.

Once we’d finished and grabbed a quick bite to eat, we headed out on a jungle trek around the island.

Luckily we didn’t bump into any snakes or spiders, although we did come across a little gecko! As we ascended the hill, we got closer to the Christian monastery at the peak, which was an incredible sight.



We slowly reached the mouth of the jungle an hour later and got on the ferry back to Central (the main part of Hong Kong City). Then, we learned that we had free time for the evening, as we know how the MTR works and how to get back to the hostel. We all went our separate ways: to the Night Market, to eat, to see he city and to experience the HK life. Then we were all tucked in by 11, to get rest for another jungle walk.

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