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Day 5 – Filipino Photos

We were hit by another early start and a Chinese breakfast in the morning – no rest for the wicked. Then, we boarded a ferry to the island of Lamma, a mountainous jungle paradise, full of great views and incredible restaurants. After a long walk through the hilly forests, we sat down for a wonderfully fresh lunch. We all tucked into fresh treats: lobster, chicken, shrimp, pork, crab etc.

All very full, we got the boat back to Central, and made our way to Hong Kong Park.. As it was a Sunday, all the Filipino maids gathered together for their day off, so Hong Kong was temporarily turned into a South East Asian party. We even ended up getting our pictures taken with some of them and we were met with many greetings and waves. After a look round the park, we were given free time again for the evening, so we could see more parts of Hong Kong and revisit some of our favourite spots.

Harry Mace

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