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Day Three – Venice

And so the day started for an 8:45 breakfast; a time that should not be seen during the half term holidays. Breakfast consisted of the usual continental style with some warm options, including an obscene amount of croissants. Sitting around the table we discussed the day ahead and complained about the flies that attacked us at the last nights training session. Some of the less cultured of us (cough cough Ed Broadhurst) searched up McDonalds in Venice.

We had a quick team run through and headed off to Venice, picking up Mr #venicemeup Bateman on the way. We arrived in Venice and after a quick prep talk headed off into the city for lunch, experiencing all the city had to offer.

Afterwards we met up again and some of us headed into the cathedral, a truly amazing sight with walls and domes painted with gold and fantastic renaissance architecture.

All in all a good day, a personal favourite of (m word which sounds like pine) was my rendition of Adele’s ‘Someone Like You’ whilst doing jump squats not far from the main square – a big hit with the squad and general public alike.

O. MacCuish

Exciting day with many laughs throughout! Owen’s dancing as stated above was a personal favourite, however, trying and buying the classic Venetian masks also came highly on my list of great things of the tour so far. Overall has been a great day with still a few hours remaining. I’m mostly looking forward to the game tomorrow 😀

T. Davies

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