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Day Five – Lake Garda and Hockey v Brescia

Earliest morning of the tour so far waking up at 7am top class breakfast as usual especially the hot chocolate! We then returned to are rooms to pack all our clothes the hopped on the bus for a thirty minute journey to the fabulous Lake Garda. After a walk round in the castle we sat down by the lake to chuck bread at the ducks.

At 12:15 we met back up to check as what Mr Sanders says is “making sure we are still alive.” Some of us then jumped onto a boat to take us around the lake. Some fantastic views and some great information the tour was over and game prep begun.

Two minutes into the game Sam Critchley slotted in to start the massacre. After some great goals, great play, controversial umpiring decisions, a keeper swap and a kicking back the game ended 11-1 with goals from Sam Critchley 3, Joe Harrington 2, Tom Davies, James Parker Aiken, Oli Cuttle, Adam Simpson and Oli Williams all scoring one.

We then headed off to a pizzeria for our tea. Following dinner we headed back to the coach for a transfer to Milan and our final games of tour. The question the whole world wants to know is . . . Can we head back to Sandbach with two wins . . . Only time will tell!

Dan Blackburn and Oli Williams

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