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Day Four – Verona and Rugby Game Two

8AM: We woke up at 8 to pack our kit up and get ready for breakfast time at 8:45
9AM: We returned to our rooms after a superb breakfast to pick up our rucksacks for the day, then we were led out to the coach.
10AM: Our destination was Verona and we were led to our specific meeting point for later in the day – the home of young Juliet and her Romeo.
12:30PM: During the day in Verona we went round as many shops as possible, and Jake even found time to make a song about me (L. Smith) called “California Schmiddy”. Also we committed to gazing at the local scenery.
Game time: We arrived at VAl rugby club and all the boys were pumped up for what we thought be a great game after a great win the day before.

Unfortunately we came out second best in this game but we all believed we improved on Tuesday.

We were now 1 win to 1 loss in the series, this loss has pumped us up for Fridays game.

After the game there was a lot of banter on the bus, when we got back to the hotel our guide Marco called ‘shark attack’ which is a tour game you will have to ask about!

J. Farrington and L. Smith

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