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Day Two – Bruges and Lille

Yesterday we got up at 8 and went for breakfast for 8:30 and got on the bus at 9:30 towards Bruges . When we arrived we split up into groups of 4 and above we headed towards the market to explore the different gifts and foods. My group then went to the chocolate shops and bought many gifts for our families and for ourselves to enjoy.shortly after we headed towards the Pizza Hut and ordered a pizza each,whilst it was cooked we went to the bumper cars where we had lots of laughs bashing each other on the track.then we got our pizza and enjoyed them in the town square. We bought a big candy floss each (over the size of our heads!) then we met up at 2 o’clock with all the teachers to be counted and checked that we are all fine.then we headed off again for a further hour where we bought even more chocolate and went on the bumper cars again. Then at 3 o’clock we met up again and some off us we went on the ice rink where only a couple of us stayed on our feet! After lots of laughs slipping over we headed back on the coach to Lille for our evening meal . Lots of us had a McDonalds and some bought a crepe or a waffle from the Christmas markets . Some of our very brave people went on the Ferris wheel enjoying the magnificent views of Lille.whilst being scared stiff of the giant heights. Overall the day was very fun,enjoyable and great.
Daniel Rimmer

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