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Iceland Day 2

After quickly devouring breakfast at the Hotel, the group was ready to tackle the first full day of our Icelandic adventure- boots were readied, cameras charged and bags packed for the much anticipated excursion across the ‘Golden Circle’.

The first stop on the day-tour was the world’s largest Hellisheidi Power Station, where we found out how geothermal power is harnessed and the extent to which this natural resource is used amongst Iceland’s population.

It was then coats, gloves and cameras to the ready as we made our way to Kerid Crater-a 6500 year old crater where the singer Bjork once performed from a floating raft in the middle of the green lake!

We were then quickly whisked off to the next wonder of our excursion-the Gulfross Waterfall. Nicknamed the ‘Golden Waterfall’, we could quickly see why countless visitors and locals before us had fallen in love with the area- the stunning natural beauty of the falls made the experience truly once in a lifetime. The roar of the rushing water only added to the speechless atmosphere that had fell on us whilst we took in the scene.

To experience Iceland’s sheer power, the next stop was geysers. Hot blasts of geothermal water erupting unexpectedly from the ground showed a side of Iceland that was violent and aggressive. Some 10,000 years old, geysers were heart pounding and merely consolidated the fact that this trip is truly a once in a lifetime experience.

To finish off a fantastic first day in the ‘Golden Circle’, our final stop was the pingvellir (thing-vel-ear). This is the plate boundary in which the Eurasian plate and American plate are slowly drifting apart from each other at a rate of 2cm per year. We also learned that in 1,000,000 years, the plate will be 20KM away from each other… So basically we’re currently stood on a country that is guaranteed to be pulled apart. But on a slightly cheerier note, we think we can speak for everyone in recommending the country for a visit just for a first hand view of the sheer beauty of the vast landscapes.

Bring on day 3!!

Written by Will Bloor, Tom Deathridge and Harry Myers.








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