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Iceland day 3

The day started with a few tired faces as we met for breakfast at the usual time of 7:45. The teachers told us the itinerary for the day and then went to our rooms to get ready. After layering up we headed onto the coach and set off on our south-shore Icelandic adventure.

We had a two hour drive to the ice caps with a quick stop to refill on the way!

We reached Skogarfoss waterfall and we climbed to the top to take a look at the eroding waterfall and the amazing view. Skogarfoss is a 60 metre high waterfall on the Skoga river. The river is 5km away from the coastline.

With another quick journey we arrived at Reynishverfi beach which looked amazing with its huge waves and it’s amazing coastal structure. At the beach we saw a wide range of coastal structures mainly the caves, archs, stacks and stumps. The beach was amazing but wet, never the less we didn’t fail to have fun.

After much singing and laughter on the coach we arrived at the Solheimajokull glacier, where we got the opportunity to stand on the snout of this 8km long monster. At this point we split into groups, each lead by one of our expert geography teachers, learning about the three different stages of a glacier; input, processes and output. Mr Bootherstone’s animated talk of abrasion and plucking inspired us all. We finished this experience with the traditional group photo, a good deal of procrastinating and then set off to our next location.

As we entered the stomach of Seljalandsfoss (waterfall) we were battered with the vicious water from the falls. The 40 metre high water fall is impressive and unique with a narrow cascade which you can walk behind. The top of the waterfall was the former sea bed. This was an amazing experience where we got right up close to the back of the plunge pool, this entailed us getting very wet, thankfully we were equipped with our waterproofs.

The trip back to Reyjavik entailed story time with Mr Machin to get all of us in the mood for our evening meal at the Hamburger factory.

Bring on day 4!!!!!!

Written by Cameron Beech, Luke Pickles and James Finucane :)









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