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Iceland Final day

With everyone feeling disappointed and also relieved, the amazing trip wandering the magnificently natural wonders of Iceland was finally coming to an end. We started the day with everyone down at breakfast at the slightly changed time of 8:15. Here, most enjoyed a healthy start of the day before heading back to their rooms to pack ready to leave the hotel. 
By 9:30, everyone was down at main reception and ready to leave after such a wonderful time. After putting everyone’s suitcase at the bottom of the bus we set off, but not to the airport just yet. Since the flight home was at 4. We had time to look around one last time. The initial itinerary plan was to go to Birch Forest, see some lava tubes and yet go to another waterfall! Unfortunately this didn’t go to plan, as poor Daniel (the bus driver) give him is due, must have been worn out from driving hours the past few days, and because of this got lost en route to the Birch Forest. Thankfully, due to sharp, quick thinking from the teachers and Kate, we were back on track but not to the forest or waterfall as the long drive back wouldn’t be enjoyable to anyone. So instead we stopped off for lunch at around about midday at a quarry in the middle of nowhere, and stretched our legs for 10 minutes while some enjoyed the packed lunches. In no time we were back on the road with tunes and stories to try and kill the time. Our next destination was to see the lava tubes at a crater of a no longer active, quite small volcano. Here we walked across what seemed like black sand and got to the crater of the volcano in around about 5 minutes. We all had a final group photo and in little time we were back on the road. The next stop was a service station as most hadn’t eaten at the quarry and were keen for a quick snack. Here almost everybody enjoyed snack ranging from Pringles and chips, to hot dogs and fizzy drinks. 

Now that most of our final hours on this amazing trip to Iceland was coming to a near, we had to head to Reykjavik airport. This only took about another hour while on this last journey presents were given to our amazing rep Kate, and the much notorious Daniel. Now that we gave out these tokens of appreciation, Kate who was urging to tell everybody a story, was finally jeered on to, but it wasn’t anything like what she said it would be which was horrifying and gruesome, but turned out to be the 3 little pigs. When she began her story we all looked at one another in confusion but let her continue with the well known story, and as it was Kate, she didn’t fail to disappoint with a few gruesome twists in the tale. After this it was only a few minutes before we would arrive at the airport. As we all got off the bus minutes later, final goodbyes were dealt, and many thanks too. Although we were about to leave Kate and Daniel, a lot of us were relieved to be going home after a tiring, but fantastic trip which would stay in all our memories for years to come. 

Going through customs was nothing of the norm, with only one slight problem which was Brad never collecting his boarding pass, but this only turned out to be a mild inconvenience as in no time we were all lined up outside gate 30 waiting to board the plane. Everyone now on the plane and sitting cozy. We were just about to take off when I, Joe was given the honour to write the blog and here we all are, sat on the plane with everyone enjoying the movies and other services which are around us. Finally to conclude this blog, I’ll finish with saying that this was an absolutely fantastic trip and I’m sure me and everyone else was glad to be a part of it.

Also a massive thanks to Miss McGrath, Mr Machin, Mr Lowe and Mr Bootherstone for organising this amazing trip and putting up with all of us!



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