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Senior Awards Day 2014 – A Student’s Overview

Once again, students and their guests gathered in the Sports Hall to celebrate the achievements of Sandbachians in years 10, 11, 12 and 13.

The evening began with a rendition of ‘I Wish’ by Stevie Wonder from the Brass Boys, a newly formed ensemble in this academic year. The performance was then followed by an introduction to the evening from assistant head teacher Mr A Barker, who then passed on to Mr C Tyler, chairman of the Sandbach School Governing Body, and Mrs S I Burns, head teacher of Sandbach School. Both covered the numerous achievements and advancements of the school in the past academic year, as well as aims and hopes for its development in the future.

The audience were then treated to the musical wonders of two Sandbach students, with a vocal performance of ‘Widmung’ by Schumann and a glockenspiel performance of ‘Yellow After the Rain’ by Mitchell Peters.

It was then time for the first awards of the evening to be received, the Platinum certificates – gained by achieving an exceptional number of commendations from a series of achievement reviews throughout the year.

The next awards were for exceptional attendance, firstly for exceptional attendance in key stage 4 and secondly for 2 students who have maintained exceptional attendance during both key stages 3 and 4.

After ‘Aria’ by Bozza was performed, it was time for the sports review of the year, starting with a picture slideshow of sporting events and then a presentation of many sporting awards and their associated achievements.

Ensuing were the year 10 form awards, falling into two categories: tutor form awards (awarded by each form’s tutor) and learning intervention manager awards (awarded by the LIM). In this part of the ceremony there were also the year 12 head of sixth form awards, which were followed by the head boy’s review of the year, a visual representation of major events at Sandbach School over the past year.

The penultimate awards to be given were the departmental awards, awards given to a student (or students) who have showed dedication and passion for a subject through their attainment and contributions within it. A total of 21 departmental awards were given for a whole range of subjects, from physical eduction to politics, to graphic design and enterprise learning.

The final awards to be given were the special awards for a variety of achievements and attainments. The ceremony concluded with the Brass Boys once again performing, but this time to ‘Blueberry Hill’ by Fats Domino.

It was a very enjoyable evening for all attending, and, on behalf of all of the Sandbach School community, a huge well done to all who received awards this year.

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