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Junior Apprentice Day – 18th November 2011

On Friday 18th November 2011, the Year 8 forms were assigned, in groups of two to four, to create their own brand of bottled water. This included coming up with a presentation, with a billboard design and TV advert. This was all part of the PHSCE day.  My group company name was Smando and our product name was called […]

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The 2011 Comedy Prom

 The Comedy Prom   On Friday 30th September, the school hosted the 2011 Comedy Prom.  There was a good atmosphere, as the theatre space was laid out with small tables facing the stage, with a good crowd of people, young and old.  There were three acts, with two intervals of fifteen minutes in between. Each  […]

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Holiday Activities

Over the past few weeks, I have taken part in various activities. Here are some of them: Firstly, I went to the Andrew Flintoff Cricket Academy, held at school. I enjoyed it,  as I had the chance to play in short matches and perfect my cricket skills and made some new friends. Later in the holiday, […]

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Experiences from Year 7

During my first year at Sandbach School, I learnt new things, met new people and visited new places. I found different clubs and groups to suit my interests and needs.  Sporting activities such as Rugby and Cross country, musical groups like the Wind and Junior Big Bands.  Here are some of my highlights from the […]

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